Work Packages

Data Security in Smart Grids


Cyber security is an important prerequisite for the functioning of smart grids, which in turn are needed to implement high shares of RES. Building on previous studies on information security and using a live laboratory approach, this work package will develop solutions for data protection.

The results from this analysis will create the basis for identifying security problems and comparing them with the results of the survey conducted in detail with local stakeholders and the transmission system operators (TSOs). Scenarios from 3.2 are mapped in the form of models using a real-time simulator. The scenarios take into account the special features of the TMO with possible regional cyber security gaps. The models are enriched with data from network operators and simulations in the laboratory. Renewable energy generation and the associated communication infrastructure are integrated into the models. In this way, new, as yet unexplained security gaps can be uncovered in order to protect data and energy infrastructures against cyber attacks. Two scenarios are considered:

  • Cyber attack via connected objects (including smart meters) and data breaches. Simulation of possible communication errors due to the massive installation of smart meters.
  • Cyber attack on energy supply and exchange (decentralized production, transport and storage). Simulation of faults on the network and exchange of energy flows between individuals (possibly the block chain).