Work Packages

Analysis of Generation and Storage Potentials


In this work package, based on the natural framework conditions for the deployment of various renewable energy technologies and taking into account existing technical, economic and regulatory restrictions within the TMO, the potentials for renewable energy generation and storage in the TMO will be investigated. To this end, we will compile different data sets including topographic, landscape, surface, meteorological and geological data, and areas that are not suitable as production sites due to regulatory or natural requirements will be filtered out. We use freely available remote sensing data, as well as data sets made available by project partners and relevant authorities, such as the European Space Agency ESA, Copernicus and Sentinel.

In a further step, we assess the storage potentials of energy in the form of gas in the geological subsoil of the TMO. For energy systems based increasingly on RES, the intermediate storage of energy is key for ensuring security of energy supply. To ensure this, availability of both short-term and long-term seasonal energy storage is needed. Long-term energy storage systems include power-to-gas plants, in which excess energy is used for water electrolysis to release hydrogen, and compressed air storage power plants. The storage potential is highly dependent on the regional geology, since suitable rocks must be available. In this project, the geological storage potential of the TMO is to be comprehensively investigated for the first time. This includes an analysis of the sedimentary sequence of the “Upper Rhine Graben”, in particular of evaporitic layers, with regard to storage location, size, and safety. Of particular importance here are former salt mining areas near Mulhouse and Buggingen, with underground caverns potentially usable for energy storage. Furthermore, the TMO's energy storage potential in old mine facilities is examined. The aim is to investigate the extent to which such cavities can be used for energy storage and whether their use as energy storage is compatible with other types of use.